Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is Your Carpet Shedding?

Don’t let the “so-called” carpet experts tell you that carpet made with staple fiber will stop shedding in any given time frame because it won’t. The amount of shedding will diminish over time, but spun yarn will shed forever.

Shedding is the loss of loose fiber in a cut pile carpet or any carpet made of staple fiber. If your carpet is made of CFN (continuous filament nylon) there should be no shedding. You may get a minimal amount of shedding on CFN when the carpet is new from loose fibers left in the carpet during manufacturing. One or two vacuumings will remove all the loose fibers.

There are certain instances where the yarn may be defective and excessive shedding will occur. If you suspect this contact your carpet dealer and he should be able to determine if the shedding is from a defect or just a normal amount of shedding. Make sure you vacuum the entire carpet not just the traffic areas and the largest amount of loose fibers will be removed.

Remember shedding in a staple yarn is NOT a manufacturing defect. Your carpet is not falling apart. Check your vacuum to insure it is in good working order and there are no sharp objects caught in your beater bar. There are a lot of opinions about shedding, but rest assured that staple yarns will shed. With this knowledge you will be much happier with your new carpet.