Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Revival of Patterns

The revival of pattern in the home has meant that, at long last, beautiful designs are making a welcome return to our carpeted areas. Although solid colors remain the most popular, the elegance of the patterned floor can bring to a room scheme much luxury and comfort.

In years past this type of luxurious carpet could only be afforded by the affluent, however Stanton Carpets has made patterned carpets very affordable and practicle.

Come into Contra Costa Floor Club to see the complete line of Stanton Carpets.

The Impact of Color

I recall while in college I took a class in industrial psychology. A guest lecturer came to our class to discuss the work environment and its impact on the workers. With the manipulation of the environmental design which includes colors he could increase or decrease productivity.

“Color Psychology” is being used in many industries to create the desired effect. In healthcare you want the environment to promote blood flow, optimism and a cheerful attitude. The hospitality industry relies on telling “a story” to the guests that will make them want to stay because of a “home-like” environment.

Colors have been proven to create a psychological response that effect many physical responses, such as blood pressure, mood etc. Our home is our castle. It is a place we wish to go to escape from the outside world and find sanctuary.

The color, style and texture of your floor coverings will tie all of your color and style preferences together to create “Home Sweet Home”

Contra Costa Floor Club’s ultimate goal is to provide our clients with, as stated by Emily Morrow, “color as you crave it, comfort as you need it, value as you demand it, style as you want it, i.e. self-expression....home!”

Attention to Detail!

I’m sure you have encountered many situations with clients, friends, relatives and merchants who failed to pay attention to the “little things” and as a result you were disappointed or upset. The details in most things matter, and if they are considered by those with whom you deal you will be much more satisfied.

I have many examples of small things that made me uncomfortable when they were ignored. A workman came to my house to repair a shower door. He came early in the morning shortly after the shower was used so the floor of the shower was still wet. He stepped on the wet shower pad without drying it and left mud and dirt for me to clean up. Needless to say his workmanship was inferior in my eyes. He didn’t seem to care.

Details in the floor covering installation are of supreme importance. Details such as the installation of carpet on stairs, carpet seams and transitions are certainly an indication of the skill and care of the installer. Most any apprentice can measure, cut and lay out the carpet, but it requires a skilled mechanic to seam, trim, stretch and finish off the edges of the carpet so you will feel you have received what you paid for. This skill requires many years of experience and training.

Also in the installation of ceramic tile, wood, laminate floors and vinyl the details make the job a thing of beauty. Every job must be a work of art and must be treated as such. As a designer, either a professional or for yourself, you require beauty for the end product. Your floor covering professional must be just that “PROFESSIONAL”

Contra Costa Floor Club can sell you beautiful floor coverings of superior quality at a extremely competitive price, but the installation is the detail that is most important. Whether you do-it-yourself or hire a professional installer pay attention to the details. If we are contracted to install you new floor coverings we will only send ‘PROFESSIONAL” installation mechanics.

5 Things to Consider

When you are in the market for new floor coverings for your home, business or other property it is imperative to consider each of the following:

Flooring Type (Carpet, Vinyl, Ceramic Tile or other stone, Hardwood, Laminate or just plain concrete)

The decisions you make from each of these considerations will have long lasting consequences on many aspects of your life and the environment you create. It is very important that you consider each equally and not one over the other. While price seems to be the “all-important” consideration it is no more important that than any other. For example if you get the best price from one supplier, but the installation is inferior or defective then you are no better off than if you paid a little more for a quality job.

A consumer needs to be educated about the products and services he purchases. The Goal of “Contra Costa Floor Club” is to educate each of our clients to the extent they are willing. We would prefer to lose an educated client than to sell to someone who would be dissatisfied after the sale.

Contra Costa Floor Club promotes QUALITY - quality in each of the 5 areas.