Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 Things to Consider

When you are in the market for new floor coverings for your home, business or other property it is imperative to consider each of the following:

Flooring Type (Carpet, Vinyl, Ceramic Tile or other stone, Hardwood, Laminate or just plain concrete)

The decisions you make from each of these considerations will have long lasting consequences on many aspects of your life and the environment you create. It is very important that you consider each equally and not one over the other. While price seems to be the “all-important” consideration it is no more important that than any other. For example if you get the best price from one supplier, but the installation is inferior or defective then you are no better off than if you paid a little more for a quality job.

A consumer needs to be educated about the products and services he purchases. The Goal of “Contra Costa Floor Club” is to educate each of our clients to the extent they are willing. We would prefer to lose an educated client than to sell to someone who would be dissatisfied after the sale.

Contra Costa Floor Club promotes QUALITY - quality in each of the 5 areas.

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