Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today I learned a valuable lesson about our environment.  I’m not speaking about pollution or global warming, but rather our home.  We spend a great deal of time at home.  It is a place where we learn and apply practical knowledge and skills we have learned from the symbols of our life.

Think about it!  Almost everything in our home that we use to beautify and make our surroundings comfortable has a much deeper meaning than the physical object itself.  Someone visiting your home that isn’t familiar with you and your family would think and may even comment on its beauty, but the “true” beauty is known to but a few.  In my home office I have a small Buddha statue that is maybe two inches tall.  I very seldom have anyone ask where I got it or what its for, but when they do I tell them.  My father was in Japan just after the conclusion of WWII.  There was a great deal of poverty and destitution.  A woman who had lost her husband in the war was selling this hand carved ivory statue, and other items, to help support her family.  This statue has meaning to me and my family and gives me a chance to teach a history lesson to the curious onlooker. 

This morning I was reading a blog that I read most every day.  The name of the blog is “One Designing Woman”.  In the post “Ahh Its Done” she mentions many of the symbols  used to decorate her new kitchen.  She has made her new environment very personal and beautiful with the use of symbols.

Now what does this have to do with floors.  I asked her how could a floor be a symbol.  And her answer was; “The Stage Upon Which You Live Your Best life”.  Your floor covering is your floor you see and use each day.  It must enhance your environment.  It’s a stage for the “Floor Show”.