Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Impact of Color

I recall while in college I took a class in industrial psychology. A guest lecturer came to our class to discuss the work environment and its impact on the workers. With the manipulation of the environmental design which includes colors he could increase or decrease productivity.

“Color Psychology” is being used in many industries to create the desired effect. In healthcare you want the environment to promote blood flow, optimism and a cheerful attitude. The hospitality industry relies on telling “a story” to the guests that will make them want to stay because of a “home-like” environment.

Colors have been proven to create a psychological response that effect many physical responses, such as blood pressure, mood etc. Our home is our castle. It is a place we wish to go to escape from the outside world and find sanctuary.

The color, style and texture of your floor coverings will tie all of your color and style preferences together to create “Home Sweet Home”

Contra Costa Floor Club’s ultimate goal is to provide our clients with, as stated by Emily Morrow, “color as you crave it, comfort as you need it, value as you demand it, style as you want it, i.e. self-expression....home!”

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