Tuesday, April 14, 2009


“Green” is important in all facets of our lives. We need to preserve our environment for those who will follow us on this planet. How we live our lives is just a fraction of the total impact mankind makes on this planet, but we must do our part. We must consider how we manage our personal stewardship, by being conscientious as we “consume” the resources of our planet.

When considering new floor coverings you might want to consider products that can give you the beauty and comfort you are looking for, but are derived from renewable resources. One such product is a cork floor. This may sound strange, but cork makes a beautiful floor and will last for many years.

This comment from the Natural Cork Company is very helpful:

“Cork is a truly sustainable "green-building" material. Trees are grown and the bark is harvested in the centuries old tradition without harming either the trees or their habitat. Bark is initially sent to a factory to create stoppers for wine bottles. Cork flooring is then created from post-industrial by-product of the bottle-stopper industry. This 'waste' material is ground up and then formed into sheets using minimal amounts of adhesive to bind the particles together under high pressure. Natural CORK is environmentally correct as well as improving health and comfort for human indoor living. In our homes, cork floors create a warm, comfortable, resilient surface that is gentle underfoot, is anti-microbial, will not spread flame, and is inherently resistant to molds, mildews, and common pests. From harvest to production to installation, cork is environmentally sustainable, non-toxic, and healthy.”

Contra Costa Floor Club understands all types of floor coverings and can assist you in the selection, installation and maintenance of your new floor. Cork is one of the many floor coverings we can assist you with.

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